Broadwine. Celebrating Everyday.

A club with an ambition. That of celebrating happiness every day, with good taste and a passion for the best selection of wines, bubbles, ingredients from land and sea.
This is why we are Celebrating Everyday: stories, music, colours, materials, emotions. Dynamic and constantly changing. Gracefully. Together.
All day long, we are represented by two thin, soft and unique sections of bread. With a thousand stories inside. Like the wings of a theatre stage, our sandwiches contain the representations of all seasons, one after the other, never banal but in unison, perfect.
In the evening, our cuisine takes centre stage. Modern, tasty, direct. Techniques and raw materials tell of the genuine flavours of yesteryear.  Bourguignonne, chinoise, plateau royal by reservation only. To celebrate conviviality to the utmost, while respecting the environment and resources.
Italian excellence comes first, but we like to be Broad and tell all stories with wine, distillate, infusion at the centre, as long as they have something to say. Something to celebrate.